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This folder is a text-to-sql weights directory, containing weight files fine-tuned based on the LoRA with the CodeLlama-13b-Instruct-hf model through the DB-GPT-Hub project. The training data used is from the Spider training set. This weights files achieving an execution accuracy of approximately 0.789 on the Spider evaluation set. Merge the weights with CodeLlama-13b-Instruct-hf and this folder weigths, you can refer the DB-GPT-Hub ,in dbgpt_hub/scripts/export_merge.sh. If you find our weight files or the DB-GPT-Hub project helpful for your work, give a star on our github project DB-GPT-Hub will be a great encouragement for us to release more weight files.

Framework versions

  • PEFT 0.4.0
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