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Re:MythoMax v2.1 (ReMM v2.1) is a recreation trial of the original MythoMax-L2-B13 with updated models.

This merge use SLERP merging method to merge ReML v2.1 and Huginn v1.2.

Explaination :

- ReML-v2.1: (Chronos-Beluga v2/Hermes/Airboros 2.2)
=> Keeping The-Face-Of-Goonery/Chronos-Beluga-v2-13bfp16
=> Replacing jondurbin/spicyboros-13b-2.2 by jondurbin/airoboros-l2-13b-2.2 (last version)
=> Keeping NousResearch/Nous-Hermes-Llama2-13b

With that :
- ReMM-v2.1: (ReML v2.1/Huginn v1.2)
=> Replacing ReML by the one above (ReML v2.1)
=> Keeping The-Face-Of-Goonery/Huginn-13b-v1.2


This repo contains quantized files of ReMM v2.1, a recreation of the original MythoMax, but updated and merged with SLERP.

Models used

  • The-Face-Of-Goonery/Chronos-Beluga-v2-13bfp16
  • jondurbin/airoboros-l2-13b-2.2
  • NousResearch/Nous-Hermes-Llama2-13b
  • The-Face-Of-Goonery/Huginn-13b-v1.2
  • ReML-v2.1-L2-13B (Private recreation trial of an updated Mythologic-L2-13B)

Prompt template: Alpaca

Below is an instruction that describes a task. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.

### Instruction:

### Response:

Special thanks to Sushi.

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