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MermaidStable3B: A Compact Powerhouse for Flow Chart Innovation

Introducing MermaidStable3B, a compact yet remarkably capable language model that's transforming the landscape of flow chart creation. This model is a testament to the fact that extraordinary capability can come in smaller packages. It's not just about the size; it's about the efficiency and precision in execution, making MermaidStable3B a game-changer in the realm of diagrammatic representations.

Model Essentials: MermaidStable3B is rooted in the stable-code-3b architecture, encompassing a robust framework with 2.7 billion parameters. Developed from the expertise of Stability AI, this model is fine-tuned to excel in various programming contexts and textual interpretations, serving as a versatile foundation for MermaidStable3B’s unique capabilities.

Core Features:

Enhanced Code Comprehension:

  • Specializes in translating code complexities into intuitive Mermaid Diagram Flow Charts.
  • An invaluable tool for developers in visualizing and understanding intricate code structures.

Narrative to Diagram Conversion:

  • Effortlessly transforms narrative inputs into engaging and structured Mermaid Diagrams.
  • Ideal for visualizing character dynamics, plot trajectories, and thematic elements in stories.

Performance Excellence:

  • Demonstrates superior efficiency and output quality, challenging the norms of larger models.
  • Delivers detailed, organized Mermaid Diagrams for varied storylines and code sequences.

Training and Adaptability:

  • Diverse training background, enabling unique story-to-flow chart translations.
  • Showcases exceptional performance in resource-limited settings, embodying innovation under constraints.

Collaborative Potential: MermaidStable3B is open for collaboration and enhancement. With a foundation in the Alpaca-formatted dataset, it offers a nuanced understanding of Python. Interested collaborators are encouraged to reach out to TroyDoesAI@gmail.com

Diverse Applications:

For Code Documentation:

  • Aids developers in auto-generating visual flow charts from code, simplifying documentation and comprehension.

For Storyboarding:

  • Writers and storytellers can input narratives to receive structured Mermaid Diagrams, offering a clear view of plot and character interplay.

In Project Management:

  • Project planners can employ MermaidStable3B for creating detailed project flow maps, enhancing team communication and project visualization.

Educational Tool for Python Learning:

  • Aids students and beginners in visually grasping Python code structures, enriching the educational journey.

In Game Design:

  • Game designers can utilize the model to map out game narratives and mechanics, bringing clarity to complex design processes.

MermaidStable3B represents the spirit of creating innovative, high-quality visual tools, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. MermaidStable3B is not just a tool; it's a bridge between technical complexity and visual simplicity, aligning perfectly with the needs of those seeking to blend detailed analysis with clear, visual storytelling.

Proof of Concept: MermaidStable3B reaffirms that innovation thrives in compact packages, delivering exceptional performance across diverse applications. Stay tuned for the release of the VSCode Extension that displays the Live Flow Map every time a user stops typing for more than 10 seconds.

For best results Use Alpaca Instruct Format, use full precision with one of the three different instruction types:

  • "instruction": "Create the mermaid diagram for the following code:"
  • "instruction": "Create the mermaid diagram for the following story:"
  • "instruction": "Create the mermaid diagram for the following:"


It helps to have ### Response: start with ```mermaid followed by a new line. This pushes the model to respond with a mermaid diagram on the next line.

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