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LLaMA-PRO-Instruct Model Card

Model Description

LLaMA-PRO-Instruct is a transformative expansion of the LLaMA2-7B model, now boasting 8.3 billion parameters. It uniquely specializes in programming, coding, and mathematical reasoning, maintaining versatility in general language tasks.

Development and Training

This model, developed by Tencent ARC team, extends LLaMA2-7B using innovative block expansion techniques. It's meticulously trained on a diverse blend of coding and mathematical data, encompassing over 80 billion tokens.

Intended Use

LLaMA-PRO-Instruct is ideal for complex NLP challenges, excelling in programming, mathematical reasoning, and general language processing, suitable for both specialized and broad applications.


It surpasses its predecessors in the LLaMA series, especially in code domains, demonstrating exceptional competence as a comprehensive language model.


Despite advancements, it may encounter difficulties in highly niche or nuanced tasks.

Ethical Considerations

Users are advised to consider inherent biases and responsibly manage its application across various fields.

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