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WD 1.4 SwinV2 Tagger V2

Supports ratings, characters and general tags.

Trained using https://github.com/SmilingWolf/SW-CV-ModelZoo.
TPUs used for training kindly provided by the TRC program.


Last image id: 5944504
Trained on Danbooru images with IDs modulo 0000-0899.
Validated on images with IDs modulo 0950-0999.
Images with less than 10 general tags were filtered out.
Tags with less than 600 images were filtered out.

Validation results

P=R: threshold = 0.3771, F1 = 0.6854

Final words

Subject to change and updates.
Downstream users are encouraged to use tagged releases rather than relying on the head of the repo.

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Hosted inference API

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