CodeTrans transfer learning pre-trained model

Pretrained model on programming languages using the t5 base model architecture. It was first released in this repository.

Model description

This CodeTrans model is based on the t5-base model. It has its own SentencePiece vocabulary model. It used transfer-learning pre-training on 7 unsupervised datasets in the software development domain.

The model was trained on a single TPU Pod V3-8 for half million steps in total, using sequence length 512 (batch size 4096). It has a total of approximately 220M parameters and was trained using the encoder-decoder architecture. The optimizer used is AdaFactor with inverse square root learning rate schedule for pre-training.

It could be used to fine-tune other tasks in the software development domain.

Created by Ahmed Elnaggar | LinkedIn and Wei Ding | LinkedIn

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