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Juggernaut X Hyper + RunDiffusion Official (Community Version)

juggernaut X Hyper previews RunDiffusion Logo This model is not permitted to be used behind API services. Please contact juggernaut@rundiffusion.com for business inquires, commercial licensing, custom models, and consultation.

Juggernaut X (SAFE) is available exclusivly on RunDiffusion.com

πŸŽ‰ Juggernaut X Hyper World Wide Release! 🌍

After almost two months, we are thrilled to announce the next version of Juggernaut is ready to launch! Introducing Juggernaut X Hyper. πŸš€ If you would have been following us on Twitter (X) you would have been seeing the test images. If you aren't following us, do it now! https://x.com/RunDiffusion & Kandoo's new account needs some new followers. Help him out. https://x.com/Juggernaut_AI

  • TWO Versions of Juggernaut X Hyper! SFW 🌟 and NSFW πŸ”₯
  • Fully trained from the ground up using the GPT4 Vision Captioning tool by LEOSAM πŸ› οΈ
  • Much improved prompt adherence βœ…
  • Expanded and cleaner dataset with higher quality images πŸ–ΌοΈ
  • Improved classifications of shots (Full Body, Midshots, Portraits, etc) πŸ“Έ
  • Enhanced text generation capability πŸ“
  • Two different prompting techniques, Natural and Tagging style 🏷️
  • Enhanced by RunDiffusion Photo for refinement of details 🧐

Read more about this version here https://rundiffusion.com/juggernaut-xl

Dual Version Release πŸ”„ A Safe for Work (SFW) and a Not Safe for Work (NSFW) version of Juggernaut X Hyper will be available. This dual release strategy is designed to cater to diverse preferences and ensure inclusivity, offering the perfect solution for every user.

Our newest Safe for Work edition is available right now exclusively through Fooocus on RunDiffusion.com. Launch Fooocus on RunDiffusion Find Juggernaut X_RunDiffusion_Hyper.safetensors and start generating! It allows users to generate high-quality, suitable images while adhering to safe content guidelines. This version is particularly user-friendly, requiring only simple, straightforward prompts. It's ideal for the workplace, students, educators, and families. SAFE stands for Suitable Ai For Everyone. 🌈

Conversely, the Not Safe for Work version offers unrestricted creative freedom across all categories and spectrums. This model is perfect for those seeking less constrained artistic expression and is available for free on Civitai.com, though a license is required for commercial use. 🎨

Both models of Juggernaut X Hyper (v10) represent our commitment to fostering a creative community that respects diverse needs and preferences. 🀝

Prompting Guide πŸ“˜ Because everything has been trained from the ground up, prompting is a bit different. (Simpler, don't worry) @Kandoo has created a guide to help you seamlessly integrate this powerful model into your workflow, enabling you to leverage its advanced capabilities without feeling overwhelmed. Download it here: https://rundiffusion.com/juggernaut-xl#nav

As always, we love our community and feel so lucky to be in this position to bring these awesome tools and models to you amazing diffusers. Thanks for supporting us since our first day back in 2022. Going on TWO YEARS since we first started using generative Ai. Time flies when you're having fun. wow!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter where we have way more updates on big things we're working on. The future is bright


-RunDiffusion Team


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