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Stable Diffusion model to create images in the style of Borderlands, trained using DreamBooth Works for characters and scenes

Trigger word: borderlands

More models on my site: https://publicprompts.art/

Example of generated images:

02603-418287399-Chris Pratt, borderlands style.png 02707-1136839354-Terminator, borderlands style, square image.png 02724-1596387290-wall-e, borderlands style, square image.png 02678-3022902204-spiderman, city in background, borderlands style, square image.png 02561-1607243671-Barney dinosaur, holding a futuristic gun, borderlands style.png 02588-1192499413-paris, eiffel tower, borderlands style.png 02594-203857324-giza pyramids, borderlands style.png 02626-3714818587-taj mahal, borderlands style, square image.png

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