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Stable Diffusion model trained using dreambooth to create pixel art, in 2 styles the sprite art can be used with the trigger word "pixelsprite" the scene art can be used with the trigger word "16bitscene"

the art is not pixel perfect, but it can be fixed with pixelating tools like https://pinetools.com/pixelate-effect-image (they also have bulk pixelation)

some example generations

03044-1966091207-godzilla, in pixelsprite style.png 00366-443747549-cute_cat_full_bodyin_pixelsprite_style.png 02827-0-street in a sunny day. in 16bitscene style.png 02829-0-magical alice in wonderland forest, in 16bitscene style.png 02831-1-car driving away, synthwave outrun style wallpaper, in 16bitscene style.png 02863-7-isometric living room, detailed, in 16bitscene style.png 02935-1805121122-dark arcade room, pink neon lights, detailed, in 16bitscene style,.png

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