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FinBERT is a pre-trained NLP model to analyze sentiment of financial text. It is built by further training the BERT language model in the finance domain, using a large financial corpus and thereby fine-tuning it for financial sentiment classification. Financial PhraseBank by Malo et al. (2014) is used for fine-tuning. For more details, please see the paper FinBERT: Financial Sentiment Analysis with Pre-trained Language Models and our related blog post on Medium.

The model will give softmax outputs for three labels: positive, negative or neutral.

About Prosus

Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Operating and investing globally in markets with long-term growth potential, Prosus builds leading consumer internet companies that empower people and enrich communities. For more information, please visit www.prosus.com.

Contact information

Please contact Dogu Araci dogu.araci[at]prosus[dot]com and Zulkuf Genc zulkuf.genc[at]prosus[dot]com about any FinBERT related issues and questions.

FinBERT in Use (New!)

We are delighted to hear the use of FinBERT at many other organisations. Please, let us know your use-case if you have FinBERT deployed and we add you to this list:

  • Prosus
  • Huggingface
  • Moodys Analytics
  • ING

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