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The embeddings in this repository were trained for the 768px Stable Diffusion v2.1 model. The embeddings should work on any model that uses SD v2.1 as a base.



To use the embeddings, download and then rename the files to whatever trigger word you want to use or just keep the original name.

Example Prompt:

a cute skinny cat wearing a winter toque and scarf in the snow, realistic, at artstation and behance, art by wcat8-v2-2000, cinematic lighting, night, heavy snowfall, snowstorm

Negative Prompt:

blurry, photo, smooth, cartoon animal, vector art, 2d, illustration, two deer wearing suits, comic book, 1970 film photography, very sexy woman with black hair, red on black, lace dress, deformed, tokyo japan, pen drawing, fat, chubby, concept art
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