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The Odia Generative AI (in short, OdiaGenAI) is an initiative to research Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) for the low-resource Odia language.


The OdiaGenAI aims to

  1. Build pre-trained Odia LLM,
  2. Fine-tuned Odia LLM, and
  3. Instruct LLM (Odia).

The data, code, and models will be available to the public for research and non-commercial purposes.

Why OdiaGenAI

  • First: Though many LLMs support multilingual, including Odia language, the performance for various tasks (e.g., content generation, question-answering) is limited due to the amount of ingested data for Odia.

  • Second: There are subscriptions or fees associated with the high-performing LLMs.

  • Third: The usage (privacy) and bias of data input to these LLMs are in question.

What are the focus research areas of OdiaGenAI

We have divided the primary focus areas into three parts.

1. Literature Survey: Investigate the latest developments in Generative AI and LLMs and analyze current methods to support the Odia language for different tasks.

2. Development: Developing pre-trained and fine-tuned Odia LLM, which includes dataset preparation, model training, evaluation, prompt engineering, and API development.

3. Deployment: Deploy the Odia LLM models for public access for research and non-commercial purposes.

Who can use OdiaGenAI LLMs

The models (pre-trained/fine-tuned) will be available through Hugging Face for research and non-commercial purposes. Feel free to contact us for a domain-specific application or particular use cases.

What are the use cases of OdiaGenAI LLMs

There are several use cases of OdiaGenAI LLMs. Three primary domains relating to Odisha which we are focusing to use the developed LLM are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Governance
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Application



If you find this repository useful, please consider giving 👏 and citing:

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