Fix deprecation warning by changing `CLIPFeatureExtractor` to `CLIPImageProcessor`. #2

by patrickvonplaten HF staff - opened

Hey Norod78 πŸ‘‹,

Your model repository seems to contain logic to load a feature extractor that is deprecated, which you should notice by seeing the warning:

transformers/models/clip/ FutureWarning: The class CLIPFeatureExtractor is deprecated and will be removed in version 5 of Transformers. Please use CLIPImageProcessor instead. warnings.warn(

when running pipe = DiffusionPipeline.from_pretrained(Norod78/sd21-hearthstone-cards).This PR makes sure that the warning does not show anymore by replacing CLIPFeatureExtractor with CLIPImageProcessor. This will certainly not change or break your checkpoint, but onlymake sure that everything is up to date.

Best, the 🧨 Diffusers team.

Norod78 changed pull request status to merged

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