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SDv2.1 sd21-hearthstone-cards model

Stable-Diffusion v2.1 fine-tuned for 10k steps using Huggingface Diffusers train_text_to_image script upon Norod78/hearthstone-cards-512

Stable-Diffusion Hearthstone card generator. First digit in prompt controls the Mana-cost (pretty well) then card name, then special ability and description, then "Hearthstone card".


A few sample pictures generated with this model are available here

Please note that the entire training set contains actual Hearthstone card images which are copyrighted by Blizzard So it is possible that the generated images contain copyrighted elements and should only be use for your private entertainment

Trained by @Norod78

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Dataset used to train Norod78/sd21-hearthstone-cards