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This is a TEST version, don't expect everything to work!!!

You may use our custom prompting format(scroll down to download them!), or simple alpaca. (Choose which fits best for you!)

This model is a collab between IkariDev and Undi!

Tired of the same merges everytime? Here it is, the Noromaid-20b-v0.1.1 model. Suitable for RP, ERP and general stuff.

[Recommended settings - No settings yet(Please suggest some over in the Community tab!)]


This repo contains fp16 files of Noromaid-20b-v0.1.1.

FP16 - by IkariDev and Undi

GGUF - by IkariDev and Undi


Note: We have permission of all users to upload their ratings, we DONT screenshot random reviews without asking if we can put them here!

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If you want your rating to be here, send us a message over on DC and we'll put up a screenshot of it here. DC name is "ikaridev" and "undi".

Prompt template: Custom format, or Alpaca

Custom format:

UPDATED!! SillyTavern config files: Context, Instruct. OLD SillyTavern config files: Context, Instruct.


Below is an instruction that describes a task. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.

### Instruction:

### Response:

Training data used:

  • no_robots dataset let the model have more human behavior, enhances the output.
  • [Aesir Private RP dataset] New data from a new and never used before dataset, add fresh data, no LimaRP spam, this is 100% new. Thanks to the MinvervaAI Team and, in particular, Gryphe for letting us use it!


Undi: If you want to support me, you can here.

IkariDev: Visit my retro/neocities style website please kek

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