import tempfile                                                                   
from tokenizers import Tokenizer, models, processors                              
from transformers.tokenization_utils_fast import PreTrainedTokenizerFast          
vocab = [(chr(i), i) for i in range(256)]                                         
tokenizer = Tokenizer(models.Unigram(vocab))                                      
tokenizer.add_special_tokens(["<bos>", "<eos>"])                                  
tokenizer.post_processor = processors.TemplateProcessing(                         
    single="<bos> $0 <eos>", special_tokens=[("<bos>", 256), ("<eos>", 257)]      
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as f:                                                                                             
    real_tokenizer = PreTrainedTokenizerFast(, eos_token="<eos>", bos_token="<bos>")   

Small change.

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