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UmBERTo Wikipedia Uncased

UmBERTo is a Roberta-based Language Model trained on large Italian Corpora and uses two innovative approaches: SentencePiece and Whole Word Masking. Now available at github.com/huggingface/transformers

Marco Lodola, Monument to Umberto Eco, Alessandria 2019


UmBERTo-Wikipedia-Uncased Training is trained on a relative small corpus (~7GB) extracted from Wikipedia-ITA.

Pre-trained model

Model WWM Cased Tokenizer Vocab Size Train Steps Download
umberto-wikipedia-uncased-v1 YES YES SPM 32K 100k Link

This model was trained with SentencePiece and Whole Word Masking.

Downstream Tasks

These results refers to umberto-wikipedia-uncased model. All details are at Umberto Official Page.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Dataset F1 Precision Recall Accuracy
ICAB-EvalITA07 86.240 85.939 86.544 98.534
WikiNER-ITA 90.483 90.328 90.638 98.661

Part of Speech (POS)

Dataset F1 Precision Recall Accuracy
UD_Italian-ISDT 98.563 98.508 98.618 98.717
UD_Italian-ParTUT 97.810 97.835 97.784 98.060


Load UmBERTo Wikipedia Uncased with AutoModel, Autotokenizer:

import torch
from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModel

tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("Musixmatch/umberto-wikipedia-uncased-v1")
umberto = AutoModel.from_pretrained("Musixmatch/umberto-wikipedia-uncased-v1")

encoded_input = tokenizer.encode("Umberto Eco è stato un grande scrittore")
input_ids = torch.tensor(encoded_input).unsqueeze(0)  # Batch size 1
outputs = umberto(input_ids)
last_hidden_states = outputs[0]  # The last hidden-state is the first element of the output
Predict masked token:
from transformers import pipeline

fill_mask = pipeline(

result = fill_mask("Umberto Eco è <mask> un grande scrittore")
# {'sequence': '<s> umberto eco è stato un grande scrittore</s>', 'score': 0.5784581303596497, 'token': 361}
# {'sequence': '<s> umberto eco è anche un grande scrittore</s>', 'score': 0.33813193440437317, 'token': 269}
# {'sequence': '<s> umberto eco è considerato un grande scrittore</s>', 'score': 0.027196012437343597, 'token': 3236}
# {'sequence': '<s> umberto eco è diventato un grande scrittore</s>', 'score': 0.013716378249228, 'token': 5742}
# {'sequence': '<s> umberto eco è inoltre un grande scrittore</s>', 'score': 0.010662357322871685, 'token': 1030}


All of the original datasets are publicly available or were released with the owners' grant. The datasets are all released under a CC0 or CCBY license.

  • UD Italian-ISDT Dataset Github
  • UD Italian-ParTUT Dataset Github
  • I-CAB (Italian Content Annotation Bank), EvalITA Page
  • WIKINER Page , Paper
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