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This model is a fine-tuned version of dbmdz/german-gpt2. The dataset was compiled from all texts of https://www.feinschwarz.net (as of October 2021). The homepage gathers essayistic texts on theological topics.

The model will be used to explore the challenges of text-generating AI for theology with a hands on approach. Can an AI generate theological knowledge? Is a text by Karl Rahner of more value than an AI-generated text? Can we even distinguish a Rahner text from an AI-generated text in the future? And the crucial question: Would it be bad if not?

The model is a very first attempt and in its current version certainly not yet a danger for academic theology 🤓

Using the model

You can create text with the model using this code:

from transformers import pipeline

pipe = pipeline('text-generation', model="Michael711/feinschwarz",

text = pipe("Der Sinn des Lebens ist es", max_length=100)[0]["generated_text"]


Have fun theologizing!

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