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This is an experimental model containing a parameter-wise 50/50 blend (weighted average) of the weights of NerysV2-6.7B and ErebusV1-6.7B Preliminary testing produces pretty coherent outputs, however, it seems less impressive than the 2.7B variant of Nerybus, as both 6.7B source models appear more similar than their 2.7B counterparts.


The two models used for this blend, NerysV2-6.7B and ErebusV1-6.7B are made by Mr. Seeker.

Evaluation Results

No formal evaluation is available for this model at this time. This blend was created in FP16, due to available memory constraints.

It is recommend to use this model with the KoboldAI software. All feedback and comments can be directed to Concedo on the KoboldAI discord.

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Inference API has been turned off for this model.