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GPT-Neo 2.7B - Shinen

Model Description

GPT-Neo 2.7B-Shinen is a finetune created using EleutherAI's GPT-Neo 2.7B model. Compared to GPT-Neo-2.7-Horni, this model is much heavier on the sexual content.

Warning: THIS model is NOT suitable for use by minors. The model will output X-rated content.

Training data

The training data contains user-generated stories from sexstories.com. All stories are tagged using the following way:

[Theme: <theme1>, <theme2> ,<theme3>]
<Story goes here>

How to use

You can use this model directly with a pipeline for text generation. This example generates a different sequence each time it's run:

>>> from transformers import pipeline
>>> generator = pipeline('text-generation', model='KoboldAI/GPT-Neo-2.7B-Shinen')
>>> generator("She was staring at me", do_sample=True, min_length=50)
[{'generated_text': 'She was staring at me with a look that said it all. She wanted me so badly tonight that I wanted'}]

Limitations and Biases

GPT-Neo was trained as an autoregressive language model. This means that its core functionality is taking a string of text and predicting the next token. While language models are widely used for tasks other than this, there are a lot of unknowns with this work. GPT-Neo-Shinen was trained on a dataset known to contain profanity, lewd, and otherwise abrasive language. GPT-Neo-Shinen WILL produce socially unacceptable text without warning. GPT-Neo-Shinen will respond to particular prompts and offensive content may occur without warning. We recommend having a human curate or filter the outputs before releasing them, both to censor undesirable content and to improve the quality of the results.

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