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Valorant Diffusion

This model was trained on the Valorant agents splash arts, and some extra arts on the official website. I thought about including the agents trailers and lore videos, but for the art style is slightly ever so different. I might make an updated version which includes them. The model can do portraits and landscape (possibly animal as well?), but not many objects, or at least not cars.

To reference the art style, use the token: valorant style

There is already an existing model that uses textual inversion. This is trained using Dreambooth instead, whether or not this method is better, I will let you judge.


We support a Gradio Web UI to run Valorant_Diffusion: Open In Spaces

Here are some samples.

Portraits vlr2.png vlr1.png

Landscapes vlr3.png


  • I'm in no way affliated with RiotGames, or any entities relating to the ownership of the game artworks.
  • The phrase Valorant is simply a reference for accessibility.
  • This was created entirely for research, and entertainment purpose.
  • I did not plan, or is planning on turning this model into a commercial product, or use for commercial purposes.
  • I do not condone the usage of the model for making counterfeit products that might infringe on RiotGames's copyrights/trademarks.


  • This model is under Creative OpenRAIL-M.
  • This means the model can be used royalty-free, and flexible with the model usage, such as redistribution of the model, or of any derivatives of the model.
  • However, there are restrictions on the openess of the license. More info into the restrictions can be found here


  • By using/downloading the model, you are responsible for:
  • All outputs/usage of the model.
  • Understanding the Disclaimers
  • Upholding the terms of the license.

Thanks for checking out the model!

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