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Exl2 version of maywell/PiVoT-MoE


main : 2.4bpw h8
3bh8 : 3bpw h8
4bh8 : 4bpw h8
6bh8 : 6bpw h8
8bh8 : 8bpw h8

Using ThePile 0007.parquet as dataset

Quantization settings : python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-MoE -o PiVoT-MoE-temp -cf PiVoT-MoE-8bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0007.parquet -l 8192 -b 8 -hb 8 -ml 8192
python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-MoE -o PiVoT-MoE-temp2 -cf PiVoT-MoE-6bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0007.parquet -l 8192 -b 6 -hb 8 -m PiVoT-MoE-temp/measurement.json -ml 8192
python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-MoE -o PiVoT-MoE-temp3 -cf PiVoT-MoE-4bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0007.parquet -l 8192 -b 4 -hb 8 -m PiVoT-MoE-temp/measurement.json -ml 8192
python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-MoE -o PiVoT-MoE-temp4 -cf PiVoT-MoE-3bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0007.parquet -l 8192 -b 3 -hb 8 -m PiVoT-MoE-temp/measurement.json -ml 8192
python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-MoE -o PiVoT-MoE-temp5 -cf PiVoT-MoE-2.4bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0007.parquet -l 8192 -b 2.4 -hb 8 -m PiVoT-MoE-temp/measurement.json -ml 8192

below this line is original readme



Model Description

PiVoT-MoE, is an advanced AI model specifically designed for roleplaying purposes. It has been trained using a combination of four 10.7B sized experts, each with their own specialized characteristic, all fine-tuned to bring a unique and diverse roleplaying experience.

The Mixture of Experts (MoE) technique is utilized in this model, allowing the experts to work together synergistically, resulting in a more cohesive and natural conversation flow. The MoE architecture allows for a higher level of flexibility and adaptability, enabling PiVoT-MoE to handle a wide variety of roleplaying scenarios and characters.

Based on the PiVoT-10.7B-Mistral-v0.2-RP model, PiVoT-MoE takes it a step further with the incorporation of the MoE technique. This means that not only does the model have an expansive knowledge base, but it also has the ability to mix and match its expertise to better suit the specific roleplaying scenario.

Prompt Template - Alpaca (ChatML works)

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