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Exl2 version of maywell/PiVoT-0.1-early


main : 8bpw h8
6bh8 : 6bpw h8
4bh8 : 4bpw h8

Using VMware/open-instruct as dataset

Quantization settings : python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-0.1-early -o PiVoT-0.1-early-temp -cf PiVoT-0.1-early-8bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0000.parquet -l 4096 -b 8 -hb 8
python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-0.1-early -o PiVoT-0.1-early-temp2 -cf PiVoT-0.1-early-6bpw-h8-exl22 -c 0000.parquet -l 4096 -b 6 -hb 8 -m PiVoT-0.1-early-temp/measurement.json
python convert.py -i models/maywell_PiVoT-0.1-early -o PiVoT-0.1-early-temp3 -cf PiVoT-0.1-early-4bpw-h8-exl2 -c 0000.parquet -l 4096 -b 4 -hb 8 -m PiVoT-0.1-early-temp/measurement.json

below this line is original readme



Model Details


PivoT is Finetuned model based on Mistral 7B. It is variation from Synatra v0.3 RP which has shown decent performance.

OpenOrca Dataset used when finetune PiVoT variation. Arcalive Ai Chat Chan log 7k, ko_wikidata_QA, kyujinpy/OpenOrca-KO and other datasets used on base model.

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Datasets used to train IHaBiS/PiVoT-0.1-early-exl2