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MPT-7B-StoryWriter-65k+ is a model designed to read and write fictional stories with super long context lengths. It was built by finetuning MPT-7B with a context length of 65k tokens on a filtered fiction subset of the books3 dataset. At inference time, thanks to ALiBi, MPT-7B-StoryWriter-65k+ can extrapolate even beyond 65k tokens. We demonstrate generations as long as 84k tokens on a single node of 8 A100-80GB GPUs in our blogpost.

This model was trained by MosaicML and follows a modified decoder-only transformer architecture.

Model Date

May 5, 2023

Model License

Apache 2.0

Model Description

The architecture is a modification of a standard decoder-only transformer.

The model has been modified from a standard transformer in the following ways:

Hyperparameter Value
n_parameters 6.7B
n_layers 32
n_heads 32
d_model 4096
vocab size 50432
sequence length 65536

PreTraining Data

For more details on the pretraining process, see MPT-7B.

The data was tokenized using the EleutherAI/gpt-neox-20b tokenizer.

Training Configuration

This model was trained on 8 A100-80GBs for about 2 days using the MosaicML Platform. The model was trained with sharded data parallelism using FSDP and used the LION optimizer.

Limitations and Biases

The following language is modified from EleutherAI's GPT-NeoX-20B

MPT-7B-StoryWriter can produce factually incorrect output, and should not be relied on to produce factually accurate information. MPT-7B-StoryWriter was trained on various public datasets. While great efforts have been taken to clean the pretraining data, it is possible that this model could generate lewd, biased or otherwise offensive outputs.


This model was finetuned by Alex Trott and the MosaicML NLP team

MosaicML Platform

If you're interested in training and deploying your own MPT or LLMs on the MosaicML Platform, sign up here.


The license on this model does not constitute legal advice. We are not responsible for the actions of third parties who use this model. Please cosult an attorney before using this model for commercial purposes.


Please cite this model using the following format:

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