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Optimum Graphcore is a new open-source library and toolkit that enables developers to access IPU-optimized models certified by Hugging Face. It is an extension of Transformers, providing a set of performance optimization tools enabling maximum efficiency to train and run models on Graphcore’s IPUs - a completely new kind of massively parallel processor to accelerate machine intelligence. Learn more about how to take train Transformer models faster with IPUs at hf.co/hardware/graphcore.

Through HuggingFace Optimum, Graphcore released ready-to-use IPU-trained model checkpoints and IPU configuration files to make it easy to train models with maximum efficiency in the IPU. Optimum shortens the development lifecycle of your AI models by letting you plug-and-play any public dataset and allows a seamless integration to our State-of-the-art hardware giving you a quicker time-to-value for your AI project.

Model description

DeBERTa(Decoding-enhanced BERT with Disentangled Attention ) improves the BERT and RoBERTa models using the disentangled attention mechanism and an enhanced mask decoder which is used to replace the output softmax layer to predict the masked tokens for model pretraining.
Through two techniques, it could significantly improve the efficiency of model pre-training and performance of downstream tasks.

Intended uses & limitations

This model contains just the IPUConfig files for running the DeBERTa-base model (e.g. microsoft/deberta-base) on Graphcore IPUs.

This model contains no model weights, only an IPUConfig.


from optimum.graphcore import IPUConfig
ipu_config = IPUConfig.from_pretrained("Graphcore/deberta-base-ipu")
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