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These are a few mix models that I had created in my spare time, whatever I consider to be the primary model in the mix will have its name before the mixing method

Midnight Mixes are the latest Mixes, in theroy they should have a even spread of all modlels in the mix

Spiced models folow an idea to keep as mutch of one model preserved when mixed with somthing else, will be generaly anything Mixed at 25 weighted sum or lower

Bake models folow a very easy to track mix of the models, First part of the mix is the model that was primaraly used

Potluck models end up being a large mix of models, with one model still having a majority in the mix, mixing methods can get messy so true recipes can be had to keep track of

Below are a few examples of what I consider to be the best of these mixes thus far, will update this page the more I mess with it!

All examples use the WD 1.4 VAE kl-f8-anime2.ckpt, and are done on clip skip 2

Examples :

Midnight Mixes:

DustStorm Waistlands




Cyber Fox


Other Mixes :

Fire Fox

fox1.png fox2.png


Mecha1.png Mecha2.png

Cyber Fox

cyber1.png cyber2.png

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