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Model description

byt5-base-yor-eng-mt is a machine translation model from Yorùbá language to English language based on a fine-tuned byt5-base model. It establishes a strong baseline for automatically translating texts from Yorùbá to English.

Specifically, this model is a byt5-base model that was fine-tuned on JW300 Yorùbá corpus and Menyo-20k

Limitations and bias

This model is limited by its training dataset. This may not generalize well for all use cases in different domains.

Training data

This model was fine-tuned on on JW300 corpus and Menyo-20k dataset

Training procedure

This model was trained on NVIDIA V100 GPU

Eval results on Test set (BLEU score)

Fine-tuning byt5-base achieves 14.05 BLEU on Menyo-20k test set while mt5-base achieves 15.57

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By David Adelani

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