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Model Card for PolyLM-Multialpaca

This model is finetuned on polyLM-13b using multialpaca (a self-instruction dataset)



Bias, Risks, and Limitations

The information below in this section are copied from the model's official model card:

Our contributions are fully methodological: adding the support of multilingualism to LLM during training and SFT phases. It is unavoidable that PolyLM might exhibit several common deficiencies of language models, e.g. hallucination and toxicity. PolyLM should not be used directly in any application, without a prior assessment of safety and fairness concerns specific to the application.

This version activates the instruction-following capability of PolyLM through self-instruction, but currently, the training instructions are relatively simple and the support for abilities such as multi-turn dialogue, context understanding, CoT, Plugin, etc. is not very friendly. We are making efforts to develop a new version.



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