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Gemini is a Dark Fantasy Anime focused merge of several models using various combination methods to attempt and extract specific styles. The first version of Gemini_Anime is for darker renders or more fantasy based.
This particular model has a heavier lean on dark art, gothic art and scene based (action etc rather than just profiling, though profiling still works fine)
Danbooru works for the most, as does regular CLIP.
The model is not intended for research, but I won't stop you if you wish. It's intended entirely for entertainment

With this model you can generate styles like for example:

  • Angelcore
  • Devilcore
  • Dieselpunk
  • Steampunk
  • Clockpunk
  • Modern
  • Futuristic
  • Cybernetic
  • Magic tech
  • Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Dark Art
  • Gothic Style
  • Nu-Gothic Style
  • Gothic Art
  • Medieval

While the model can generate all these styles to some degree, the greatest focus is on dark fantasy and various gothic styles, magical and angel/devil based.
So I can't promise the others will work as well as that.

Using (splash-art style:) followed by prompts such as (Nu-Gothic Art Style:) or (Nu-Gothic Art Infusion:) with your prefered weight depending on the interface you use
Can provide you with the most interesting results

Tested with and Capable of generating 1024x640 in 95% of cases without using highres fix Tested using kl-f8-anime2 VAE and Anything-V3.0 VAE and while the kl-f8 is harder to obtain higher quality from, it's by no means worse than Anything V3 VAE. No other VAE was tested.

openRAIL license, feel free to use it, merge it and anything you make with it is yours and I make no claim to it. As such you assume any responsibility for anything you create, but it has to be within the laws. No underage representations in sexual situations No impersonation Nothing illegal in your living location.

This is the first version and the first merge variant model I've made, as such there is bound to be a lot of bugs and things that won't work. Feel free to post about things not working right (even things like very obvious prompts returning the opposite thing).
I will read all comments but probably not reply unless necessary\

Have fun, I will get to work on v2 now and later on my intention is to create dreambooth models if things progress right.
I haven't decided if I should put them on patreon or not once I make them from start. Will see how things progress and what time it takes up.

Have fun!

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