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Cedille AI

Cedille is a project to bring large language models to non-English languages.


Boris is a 6B parameter autoregressive language model based on the GPT-J architecture and trained using the mesh-transformer-jax codebase.

Boris was trained on around 78B tokens of French text from the C4 dataset. We started training from GPT-J, which has been trained on The Pile. As a consequence the model still has good performance in English language. Boris makes use of the unmodified GPT-2 tokenizer.

Boris is named after the great French writer Boris Vian.

How do I test Cedille?

For the time being, the easiest way to test the model is to use our publicly accessible playground.

Cedille is a relatively large model and running it in production can get expensive. Consider contacting us for API access at hello@cedille.ai.

๐Ÿ“Š Cedille paper

Our paper is out now! https://arxiv.org/abs/2202.03371

Thanks for citing our work if you make use of Cedille

      title={Cedille: A large autoregressive French language model}, 
      author={Martin M{\"{u}}ller and Florian Laurent},

Contact us

For any custom development please contact us at hello@cedille.ai.


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