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For details, please refer to the version without DPO training: CausalLM/14B.

Model MT-Bench
GPT-4 8.99
GPT-3.5-Turbo 7.94
Zephyr-7b-β (Overfitting) 7.34
Zephyr-7b-α 6.88
CausalLM/14B-DPO-α 7.618868
CausalLM/7B-DPO-α 7.038125

Dec 3, 2023 Rank #1 non-base model, of its size on 🤗 Open LLM Leaderboard, outperforms ALL ~13B chat models.


It should be noted that this is not a version that continues training on CausalLM/14B & 7B, but rather an optimized version that has undergone DPO training concurrently on a previous training branch, and some detailed parameters may have changed. You will still need to download the full model.

The beta branch will soon be released, employing some aggressive approaches that might be detrimental in certain tasks, in order to achieve better alignment with human preferences, aiming to meet or exceed the GPT-3.5 benchmarks. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Please note that the model was trained on unfiltered internet data. Since we do not have the capacity to vet all of it, there may be a substantial amount of objectionable content, pornography, violence, and offensive language present that we are unable to remove. Therefore, you will still need to complete your own checks on the model's safety and filter keywords in the output. Due to computational resource constraints, we are presently unable to implement RLHF for the model's ethics and safety, nor training on SFT samples that refuse to answer certain questions for restrictive fine-tuning.


需要注意的是,这并不是在 CausalLM/14B & 7B 上继续训练的版本,而是在之前的训练分支上同时进行了 DPO 训练的优化版本,一些细节参数可能发生了变化。 您仍然需要下载完整模型。



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