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Asteroid model Awais/Audio_Source_Separation

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This model was trained by Joris Cosentino using the librimix recipe in Asteroid. It was trained on the sep_clean task of the Libri2Mix dataset.

Training config:

    n_src: 2
    sample_rate: 8000
    segment: 3
    task: sep_clean
    train_dir: data/wav8k/min/train-360
    valid_dir: data/wav8k/min/dev
    kernel_size: 16
    n_filters: 512
    stride: 8
    bn_chan: 128
    hid_chan: 512
    mask_act: relu
    n_blocks: 8
    n_repeats: 3
    skip_chan: 128
    lr: 0.001
    optimizer: adam
    weight_decay: 0.0
    batch_size: 24
    early_stop: True
    epochs: 200
    half_lr: True
    num_workers: 2

Results :

On Libri2Mix min test set :

si_sdr: 14.764543634468069
si_sdr_imp: 14.764029375607246
sdr: 15.29337970745095
sdr_imp: 15.114146605113111
sir: 24.092904661115366
sir_imp: 23.913669683141528
sar: 16.06055906916849
sar_imp: -51.980784441287454
stoi: 0.9311142440593033
stoi_imp: 0.21817376142710482

License notice:

This work "ConvTasNet_Libri2Mix_sepclean_8k" is a derivative of LibriSpeech ASR corpus by Vassil Panayotov, used under CC BY 4.0. "ConvTasNet_Libri2Mix_sepclean_8k" is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported by Cosentino Joris.

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