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Arabic-MARBERT-dialect-Identification-City Model

Model description

arabic-MARBERT-dialect-identification-city Model is a dialect identification model that was built by fine-tuning the MARBERT model. For the fine-tuning, I used MADAR Corpus 26 dataset, which includes 26 labels(cities).

How to use

To use the model with a transformers pipeline:

>>>from transformers import pipeline
>>>model = pipeline('text-classification', model='Ammar-alhaj-ali/arabic-MARBERT-dialect-identification-city')
>>>sentences = ['ناطرين البرنامج', 'اكلنا هوا بهل شروة']
[{'label': 'Beirut', 'score': 0.9731963276863098},
{'label': 'Aleppo', 'score': 0.4592577815055847}]
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