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This model is a 7B Chinese version of Self-RAG.

It is trained on Baichuan2-7B-Chat with a sample of belle sft data, acompanying with interleaving passages from zhwiki. The reflection tokens are aligned with the original verison (in English), so the usage is the same. Hope you enjoy.


from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForCausalLM
from vllm import LLM, SamplingParams

model = LLM(YOUR_MODEL_PATH, dtype="half")
sampling_params = SamplingParams(temperature=0.0, top_p=1.0, max_tokens=100, skip_special_tokens=False)

def format_prompt(input, paragraph=None):
prompt = "### Instruction:\n{0}\n\n### Response:\n".format(input)
if paragraph is not None:
prompt += "[Retrieval]<paragraph>{0}</paragraph>".format(paragraph)
return prompt

query_1 = "你好呀"
query_2 = "故宫三大殿是哪些?"
queries = [query_1, query_2]

preds = model.generate([format_prompt(query) for query in queries], sampling_params)
for pred in preds:
print("Model prediction: {0}".format(pred.outputs[0].text))
# Model prediction: [No Retrieval] 你好!有什么我可以帮你解答的问题吗? [Utility:5] </s>
# Model prediction: [Retrieval] <paragraph> ... (this query requires factual grounding, call a retriever) </paragraph> [Relevant] 太和殿、中和殿、保和殿 [Utility:5] </s>
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