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AI Sweden is the national center for applied AI and brings together more than 120 partners across the public and private sectors as well as academia. AI Sweden is funded by the Swedish government and our partners, both public and private. Together, we invest in generating tools and resources to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and everyone living in Sweden.

To achieve this, we run projects of national interest together with our partners in areas such as information-driven healthcare, decentralized AI, edge learning in space, and language models for the Swedish language. Moreover, we are building talent programs and provide courses and resources for driving organizational change. By utilizing our Data Factory, our partners can access and share data, as well as leverage computing power and storage capacity for their AI projects.

Visit our website to learn more: AI Sweden
Join the AI Nordics discord for questions and feedback on the models: AI Nordics discord

Base models
GPT-Sw3 126M | GPT-Sw3 356M | GPT-Sw3 1.3B
GPT-Sw3 6.7B | GPT-Sw3 6.7B v2 | GPT-Sw3 20B
GPT-Sw3 40B
Instruct models
GPT-Sw3 126M Instruct | GPT-Sw3 356M Instruct | GPT-Sw3 1.3B Instruct
GPT-Sw3 6.7B v2 Instruct | GPT-Sw3 20B Instruct
Quantized models
GPT-Sw3 6.7B v2 Instruct 4-bit gptq | GPT-Sw3 20B Instruct 4-bit gptq
Base models GGUF
GPT-Sw3 126M GGUF | GPT-Sw3 356M GGUF | GPT-Sw3 1.3B GGUF
GPT-Sw3 6.7B GGUF | GPT-Sw3 6.7B v2 GGUF
Instruct models GGUF
GPT-Sw3 126M Instruct GGUF | GPT-Sw3 356M Instruct GGUF | GPT-Sw3 1.3B Instruct GGUF
GPT-Sw3 6.7B v2 Instruct GGUF


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