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The model was trained on MSP-Podcast for the Odyssey 2024 Emotion Recognition competition baseline
This particular model is the multi-attributed based model which predict arousal, dominance and valence in a range of approximately 0...1.


CCC based on Test3 and Development sets of the Odyssey Competition

Multi-Task Setup
Test 3Development
Val Dom Aro Val Dom Aro
0.577 0.577 0.405 0.652 0.688 0.579

For more details: demo, paper, and GitHub.

            author={L. Goncalves and A. N. Salman and A. {Reddy Naini} and L. Moro-Velazquez and T. Thebaud and L. {Paola Garcia} and N. Dehak and B. Sisman and C. Busso},
            title={Odyssey2024 - Speech Emotion Recognition Challenge: Dataset, Baseline Framework, and Results},
            booktitle={Odyssey 2024: The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop)},
            volume={To appear},
            address =  {Quebec, Canada},


from transformers import AutoModelForAudioClassification
import librosa, torch

#load model
model = AutoModelForAudioClassification.from_pretrained("3loi/SER-Odyssey-Baseline-WavLM-Multi-Attributes", trust_remote_code=True)

#get mean/std
mean = model.config.mean
std = model.config.std

#load an audio file
audio_path = "/path/to/audio.wav"
raw_wav, _ = librosa.load(audio_path, sr=model.config.sampling_rate)

#normalize the audio by mean/std
norm_wav = (raw_wav - mean) / (std+0.000001)

#generate the mask
mask = torch.ones(1, len(norm_wav))

#batch it (add dim)
wavs = torch.tensor(norm_wav).unsqueeze(0)

with torch.no_grad():
    pred = model(wavs, mask)

#{0: 'arousal', 1: 'dominance', 2: 'valence'}
#tensor([[0.3670, 0.4553, 0.4240]])
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