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Q-TinySAM is the quantized version of TinySAM.

Find the link to GitHub repository here.

(From the repository card)

We propose a framework to obtain a tiny segment anything model (TinySAM) while maintaining the strong zero-shot performance. We first propose a full-stage knowledge distillation method with online hard prompt sampling strategy to distill a lightweight student model. We also adapt the post-training quantization to the promptable segmentation task and further reducing the computational cost. Moreover, a hierarchical segmenting everything strategy is proposed to accelerate the everything inference by with almost no performance degradation. With all these proposed methods, our TinySAM leads to orders of magnitude computational reduction and pushes the envelope for efficient segment anything task. Extensive experiments on various zero-shot transfer tasks demonstrate the significantly advantageous performance of our TinySAM against counterpart methods.

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