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IceBERT was trained with fairseq using the RoBERTa-base architecture. The training data used is shown in the table below.

Dataset Size Tokens
Icelandic Gigaword Corpus v20.05 (IGC) 8.2 GB 1,388M
Icelandic Common Crawl Corpus (IC3) 4.9 GB 824M
Greynir News articles 456 MB 76M
Icelandic Sagas 9 MB 1.7M
Open Icelandic e-books (Rafbókavefurinn) 14 MB 2.6M
Data from the medical library of Landspitali 33 MB 5.2M
Student theses from Icelandic universities (Skemman) 2.2 GB 367M
Total 15.8 GB 2,664M

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