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The question encoder model based on DPRQuestionEncoder architecture. It uses the transformer's pooler outputs as question representations.


We trained vblagoje/dpr-question_encoder-single-lfqa-base using FAIR's dpr-scale starting with PAQ based pretrained checkpoint and fine-tuned the retriever on the question-answer pairs from the LFQA dataset. As dpr-scale requires DPR formatted training set input with positive, negative, and hard negative samples - we created a training file with an answer being positive, negatives being question unrelated answers, while hard negative samples were chosen from answers on questions between 0.55 and 0.65 of cosine similarity.


LFQA DPR-based retriever (vblagoje/dpr-question_encoder-single-lfqa-base and vblagoje/dpr-ctx_encoder-single-lfqa-base) had a score of 6.69 for R-precision and 14.5 for Recall@5 on KILT benchmark.


from transformers import DPRContextEncoder, DPRContextEncoderTokenizer

model = DPRQuestionEncoder.from_pretrained("vblagoje/dpr-question_encoder-single-lfqa-base").to(device)
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("vblagoje/dpr-question_encoder-single-lfqa-base")

input_ids = tokenizer("Why do airplanes leave contrails in the sky?", return_tensors="pt")["input_ids"]
embeddings = model(input_ids).pooler_output


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