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A Spacy pipeline for generating readability scores

Feature Description
Name en_readability
Version 0.1
spaCy >=3.4.0,<3.5.0
Default Pipeline tok2vec, tagger, parser, attribute_ruler, readability
Components tok2vec, tagger, parser, attribute_ruler, readability
Vectors 0 keys, 0 unique vectors (0 dimensions)
Sources n/a
License n/a
Author Valurank

Label Scheme

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Component Labels
tagger $, '', ,, -LRB-, -RRB-, ., :, ADD, AFX, CC, CD, DT, EX, FW, HYPH, IN, JJ, JJR, JJS, LS, MD, NFP, NN, NNP, NNPS, NNS, PDT, POS, PRP, PRP$, RB, RBR, RBS, RP, SYM, TO, UH, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN, VBP, VBZ, WDT, WP, WP$, WRB, XX, _SP, ````
parser ROOT, acl, acomp, advcl, advmod, agent, amod, appos, attr, aux, auxpass, case, cc, ccomp, compound, conj, csubj, csubjpass, dative, dep, det, dobj, expl, intj, mark, meta, neg, nmod, npadvmod, nsubj, nsubjpass, nummod, oprd, parataxis, pcomp, pobj, poss, preconj, predet, prep, prt, punct, quantmod, relcl, xcomp
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