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A Spacy pipeline for counting Part-of-speech articles

Feature Description
Name en_pos_counter
Version 0.1
spaCy >=3.4.0,<3.5.0
Default Pipeline tok2vec, tagger, attribute_ruler, pos_counter
Components tok2vec, tagger, attribute_ruler, pos_counter
Vectors 0 keys, 0 unique vectors (0 dimensions)
Sources n/a
License n/a
Author Valurank

Label Scheme

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Component Labels
tagger $, '', ,, -LRB-, -RRB-, ., :, ADD, AFX, CC, CD, DT, EX, FW, HYPH, IN, JJ, JJR, JJS, LS, MD, NFP, NN, NNP, NNPS, NNS, PDT, POS, PRP, PRP$, RB, RBR, RBS, RP, SYM, TO, UH, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN, VBP, VBZ, WDT, WP, WP$, WRB, XX, _SP, ````
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