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Jets Text-to-Speech Model validated for Unity Sentis (Version 1.4.0-pre.2*)

*Version 1.3.0 Sentis files are not compatible with version 1.4.0 and above and will need to be recreated

This is a text to speech model called Jets. It takes in a text string which you convert to phonemes using a dictionary and then outputs a wav to play the voice.

How to Use

  • Create a new scene in Unity 2023
  • Install com.unity.sentis version 1.4.0-pre.2 package
  • Put the c# script on the Main Camera
  • Put the sentis file and the phoneme_dict.txt file in the Assets/StreamingAssets folder
  • Add an AudioSource component on the Main Camera
  • Set the inputText string for what you want it to say
  • Press play


This version uses a phoneme dictionary to convert the text into a string of phonemes. There are other ways to do this, for example using another model, or heuristics.

Since we are using a simple dictionary it has no way of distinguishing heteronyms (two words with the same spelling but different pronounciation).


Attribution for the original creators is required. SeeJets for more details.

You must retain the copyright notice in the phoneme_dict.txt file.

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