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Chinese Sentence BERT

Model description

This is the sentence embedding model pre-trained by UER-py, which is introduced in this paper.

Training data

ChineseTextualInference is used as training data.

Training procedure

The model is fine-tuned by UER-py on Tencent Cloud. We fine-tune five epochs with a sequence length of 128 on the basis of the pre-trained model chinese_roberta_L-12_H-768. At the end of each epoch, the model is saved when the best performance on development set is achieved.

python3 finetune/run_classifier_siamese.py --pretrained_model_path models/cluecorpussmall_roberta_base_seq512_model.bin-250000 \
                                           --vocab_path models/google_zh_vocab.txt \
                                           --config_path models/sbert/base_config.json \
                                           --train_path datasets/ChineseTextualInference/train.tsv \
                                           --dev_path datasets/ChineseTextualInference/dev.tsv \
                                           --learning_rate 5e-5 --epochs_num 5 --batch_size 64

Finally, we convert the pre-trained model into Huggingface's format:

python3 scripts/convert_sbert_from_uer_to_huggingface.py --input_model_path models/finetuned_model.bin \                                                                
                                                         --output_model_path pytorch_model.bin \                                                                                            
                                                         --layers_num 12

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