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Dataset description

As a membrane separating circulating blood and brain extracellular fluid, the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is the protection layer that blocks most foreign drugs. Thus the ability of a drug to penetrate the barrier to deliver to the site of action forms a crucial challenge in development of drugs for central nervous system.

Task description

Binary classification. Given a drug SMILES string, predict the activity of BBB.

Dataset statistics

Total: 1,975; Train_val: 1,580; Test: 395

Dataset split

Random split on 70% training, 10% validation, and 20% testing

To load the dataset in TDC, type

from tdc.single_pred import ADME
data = ADME(name = 'BBB_Martins')

Model description

AttentiveFP is a Graph Attention Network-based molecular representation learning method. The model is tuned with 100 runs using the Ax platform. To load the pre-trained model, type

from tdc import tdc_hf_interface
tdc_hf = tdc_hf_interface("BBB_Martins-AttentiveFP")
# load deeppurpose model from this repo
dp_model = tdc_hf_herg.load_deeppurpose('./data')
tdc_hf.predict_deeppurpose(dp_model, ['YOUR SMILES STRING'])


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