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Expert Acceleration Program

Get guidance from the Hugging Face team

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Dedicated Support

A dedicated Machine Learning Engineer will guide your team in the implementation of the state-of-the-art in Transformer models.
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Deep Technical Knowledge

From research to production, our experts answer questions and find solutions as needed in your machine learning journey.
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Flexible Communication

We offer different communication channels to make it easy to seek expert guidance when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Get Access to the Best Worldwide Experts in Transformer Models

Thomas Wolf, creator of Transformers
Ross Wightman, creator of timm (SOTA computer vision)
Colin Raffel, first author of T5 from Google
Morgan Funtowicz, contributor to ONNX
Abhishek Thakur, worldwide expert on auto-ML
Victor Sanh, author of DistilBERT
Anthony Moi, creator of Tokenizers
Julien Simon, author of “Learn Amazon SageMaker”
Meg Mitchell, worldwide expert on bias and ethics in AI

+40 more experts

Customer Success Stories

Learn how customers leverage the Expert Acceleration Program to accelerate their machine learning roadmaps

Expert Acceleration Program for Healthcare


Sempre Health brings behavior-based, dynamic pricing to healthcare

Machine Learning Tasks

Automatically classify and respond inbound messages

Portrait of Swaraj Banerjee, Co-founder & CTO at Sempre Health
This collaboration made a tremendous impact on our businesses's scalability and our operations teams's workflow. We launched our production NLP pipeline several weeks ago, and since then, we've seen more than 20% of incoming messages get automatically handled by our new system! These are messages that would've created a ticket for our operations team before, so we've reduced a lot of low-value work from our team.
Swaraj Banerjee
Co-founder & CTO at Sempre Health

How We Work

An expert partner for your machine learning journey

Success in machine learning depends on finding the best architecture for a use case, fine-tuning models, and deploying them to production. All these require the right combination of experience and skills. Our Expert Acceleration Program provides the necessary technical expertise to implement the state-of-the-art, make better decisions, and go to market faster.


How do I fine-tune a model for my use case?

Which base architectures? How much training data?


How do I optimize my model for minimum latency?

Distillation. Compilation. Quantization. Pruning.
We can guide you through every step.

How do I optimize my production environment?

Tune your CPU, GPU or AI accelerator config for max performance.

How do I use Transformers in SageMaker?

Model parallelism, data parallelism, deployment, and more.

How do I detect and mitigate bias in datasets and models?

We can help you make AI more responsible.

Mitigate Bias

Why Get Expert Guidance from the Hugging Face Team?

Implement and iterate in no time

Plug & play a team of experts in Transformer models

Need help with semantic search? Working on model optimization? Deploying on AWS? From research to production, our experts can help you throughout your machine learning roadmap.

Always stay current with the state of the art

Implement the state-of-the-art for your use case

Use the latest machine learning architectures and techniques to get the best performance out of your models. Our expert guidance extends beyond the Hugging Face libraries and into any models you are using.

Focus on building

Optimize for production

Ensure optimal performance of your models to run inferences at scale, in real-time. Our expert team will help you make models smaller and faster with minimal impact on accuracy.

No machine learning knowledge required

Faster go to market

Accelerate your business outcomes and decrease the time it takes to research, train, deploy and optimize machine learning solutions.


What value does Expert Acceleration Program provide?
EAP provides you with direct access to leading machine learning experts who are ready to help you accelerate your ML projects (wherever you are in the ML lifecycle).
How do I interact with Hugging Face Experts?
We provide Slack-based support and custom sessions for addressing specific machine learning challenges. We also conduct the following sessions:
  • Scoping session: formalize your problem so our experts can recommend approaches, share best practices, suggest models, etc.
  • Research sessions: discuss with our experts research topics of interest or recent advancements in the field.
  • Optimization sessions: our optimization experts provide guidance on how to run your models at the lowest latencies/highest throughputs.
  • Iteration sessions: discuss current progress on a project and get expert advice on how to further improve results.
Who do I engage with on the Hugging Face team?
Your primary point of contact is a machine learning engineer that is assigned to your account. Based on the specific needs of your business, they will loop in other Hugging Face experts that are relevant to your current challenges.
Can I get your team to provide details specifically on my use case?
Absolutely! The Hugging Face team is filled with experts with a diverse range of experiences, and they are ready to help accelerate your unique project.
How do you price support for different size orgs?
We have seat-based pricing for both individuals and departments to get access to our experts on an annual commitment. Please fill out the form below so we can better understand your needs and send you detailed pricing information.

About Hugging Face

We are the creators of Transformers, the leading open source library for data scientists and machine learning engineers to explore state-of-the-art models and build machine learning features. We are on a mission to democratize AI, one commit at a time!

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