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Model Details

Model Description

LUKE (Language Understanding with Knowledge-based Embeddings) is a new pretrained contextualized representation of words and entities based on transformer.

  • Developed by: Studio Ousia
  • Shared by [Optional]: More information needed
  • Model type: EntitySpanClassification
  • Language(s) (NLP): More information needed
  • License: Apache-2.0
  • Related Models: Luke-large
    • Parent Model: Luke
  • Resources for more information:


Direct Use

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Downstream Use [Optional]

This model can also be used for the task of named entity recognition, cloze-style question answering, fine-grained entity typing, extractive question answering.

Out-of-Scope Use

The model should not be used to intentionally create hostile or alienating environments for people.

Bias, Risks, and Limitations

Significant research has explored bias and fairness issues with language models (see, e.g., Sheng et al. (2021) and Bender et al. (2021)). Predictions generated by the model may include disturbing and harmful stereotypes across protected classes; identity characteristics; and sensitive, social, and occupational groups.


Users (both direct and downstream) should be made aware of the risks, biases and limitations of the model. More information needed for further recommendations.

Training Details

Training Data

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Training Procedure


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Speeds, Sizes, Times

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Testing Data, Factors & Metrics

Testing Data

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LUKE achieves state-of-the-art results on five popular NLP benchmarks including


The experimental results are provided as follows:

Task Dataset Metric LUKE-large luke-base Previous SOTA
Extractive Question Answering SQuAD v1.1 EM/F1 90.2/95.4 86.1/92.3 89.9/95.1 (Yang et al., 2019)
Named Entity Recognition CoNLL-2003 F1 94.3 93.3 93.5 (Baevski et al., 2019)
Cloze-style Question Answering ReCoRD EM/F1 90.6/91.2 - 83.1/83.7 (Li et al., 2019)
Relation Classification TACRED F1 72.7 - 72.0 (Wang et al. , 2020)
Fine-grained Entity Typing Open Entity F1 78.2 - 77.6 (Wang et al. , 2020)

Please check the Github repository for more details and updates.

Model Examination

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Environmental Impact

Carbon emissions can be estimated using the Machine Learning Impact calculator presented in Lacoste et al. (2019).

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  • Carbon Emitted: More information needed

Technical Specifications [optional]

Model Architecture and Objective

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Compute Infrastructure

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  • transformers_version: 4.6.0.dev0


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 title={LUKE: Deep Contextualized Entity Representations with Entity-aware Self-attention},
 author={Ikuya Yamada and Akari Asai and Hiroyuki Shindo and Hideaki Takeda and Yuji Matsumoto},

Glossary [optional]

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More Information [optional]

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Model Card Authors [optional]

Studio Ousia in collaboration with Ezi Ozoani and the Hugging Face team

Model Card Contact

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How to Get Started with the Model

Use the code below to get started with the model.

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from transformers import AutoTokenizer, LukeForEntitySpanClassification
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("studio-ousia/luke-large-finetuned-conll-2003")
model = LukeForEntitySpanClassification.from_pretrained("studio-ousia/luke-large-finetuned-conll-2003")
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