Use with InvokeAI Possible? #5

by MWHDVideo - opened

Is it possible to use Stable Diffusion 2.1 with InvokeAI web UI? The file has a different extension and I've not found any info on whether this is compatible at all.

Did you ever find an answer to this? Thanks.

The Invoke team is moving to diffusers, so it will be possible soon. Currently Invoke has a separate branch with 2.0 test support.

any news?

So uh.....any updates on this?

So uh.....any updates on this?

Sure! Version 2.3.0 is in RC state and SD2.1 works in it already! Also, has a ckpt-safetensors converter. Check it on github!

@netsvetaev Awesome! Thanks!

it looks like it was just released or will in the next few hours! Congratulations! :-)

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