Control-Lora Revision

by patynhaoo - opened

Hi guys, thank you for releasing these amazing control nets :) I'm experimenting with Revision one, but can't figure out how to make it listen to my prompt also. Do I need to change ClipConditioning? I've already tried to low the strength but had no success.

Another question/Request: Will you guys consider to release the REFERENCE_ONLY that is available to Auto1111? Reference_only is amazing to keep style and colors consistency for example to generate a set of cliparts with same style. I've used it a lot in Auto1111, and just keep dreaming to use it with SDXL, would be amazing! It was part of my everyday workflow with SD1.5. I know that has a comfy experiment for Reference_Only, but it doesn't work as the auto1111 one, as we can't change the strength or generation mode(prompt, image or both). These options make all the difference to control the style and creativity from prompts. Thank you!! :)

Just copy the positive and negative prompt from the other workflows and replace that into the revision workflow, also remove the ZeroOut thing and It should work,

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