Error when executing ControlNetLoader: input_blocks.0.0.weight

by Sontung - opened

Hi, I'm trying the comfyui workflow example and got this issue. Can't load the control lora


Got the same issue. :o

I solved it!

You have to update ComfyUI, and recreate the node.

Updating wasn't as simple as running update_comfyui.bat; I also had to handle a merge conflict.
I asked ChatGPT, and it gave me two commands to run from the command prompt in the \ComfyUI folder:
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master

After that, the update_comfyui.bat worked again (though I'm not sure it was necessary to run it afterwards).

And as mentioned: Recreate the Load ControlNet Model node after the update and restart of ComfyUI - it seem to have changed.

That's it! :)

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