BLOOM RAIL license restrictions not included in the license #1

by CarlosMF - opened

Hey Wouter! Nice app😊I realized that you are using a modified version of one of the BLOOM models licensed under the BLOOM RAIL license. However, the license on the README for the app on this Space is a GPL3. The GPL3 does not include the use-based restrictions the license requires licensees to add in subsequent versions/uses/apps embedding the model, so you are not respecting the license. Could you please make sure to include the use-based restrictions as stated in paragraphs 4.a. and 5 of the BLOOM RAIL license? We made a lot of efforts at BigScience to come up with an open and responsible license for our set of models and we would much appreciate users respecting our license. Take care!🤗

Hi @CarlosMF, you are absolutely right, I've changed the license on the Space.

Thank you so much! Appreciate it 🌸